Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Let's begin

Let's begin with the blog name. Does anyone remember getting the name they wanted the first try??? Second??? Third??? Well, I have a list of names on my desk that DH and I went through on two computers searching out if they exist. Nothing, used, to weird, NO WAY! What can I name the blog? Ok, 1977, we moved from lovely Los Angeles County to farm country, Indiana. Early teens at the time. What are we doing here, was the cry from three teenage girls??? Dad's job, now be quiet and enjoy the ride. Well, we didn't and hated it throughout the 70's and early 80's. Anyway, we were in lovely Winona Lake. Long, long ago there was the pontoon (boat with no sides) that moves very slowly across the water. The Winona Queen. In all her glory. So I really have no reason for the name except it was available. So that's that. They're either long or short, what can I say.


tangelled angel said...

Yayyyyyyy, well done!!!
Welcome to Blog World Holly!!
You will become so addicted that your spinning willl be a distant memory ;-)

Cheryl said...

'Prepared not to be impressed'?!? I'd say you've hit a homer (not the donut-eating kind, mind you)! Pics and all! I'd say well-done. I was going to offer a swap of spinning lessons for blog help. I don't think you need it though (can I still have the spinning lessons?)

Isobel said...

Yay! Holly has a blog! Ahh, nothing like a little gentle (!) pressure from friends. Now we can drool over your handspun all of the time.

ger prenderville said...

Well done Holly. I'm so good at reading and enjoying other people's blogs but too lazy to find out how to create my own. But will some day soon.

Keep blogging!


Carol said...

Well done Holly. We from the farm county of Indiana are impressed. Keep up the good work. I gave out 20 felted soaps last night.