Sunday, July 23, 2006

Knitting at the Circus

All this week has been Circus Week in Dublin. All the events were held in an area called Temple Bar. An area filled with Night life, Day life and any other life you could want. Lots of little squares tucked away that are not visible unless you're looking for them. Anyway, I thought we may have a bit of time to burn, so I started a new project. How many do I have on needles??? I will not answer that. I needed something small so I started the knitted Cupcake from the One Skein book. The 6 year old daughter thinks they are divine. Anything Pink, Fluffy, Sparkly or Cute are perfect qualities.

I'm using Garnet cotton chenille for the base and multi pink, fluff and sparkle for the top. She keeps checking on the progress. I have to say I hate small DP needles. They're not meant for speed and they make my hands hurt. OK, enough moaning. The cupcakes are really cute.

The performers were terrific and everyone was entertained and enthralled. The weather was great, so it was a good day out. Kids in bed and started watching Long Way Round again. Cracks me up!!


Anonymous said...

Laurie From Winona Lake
This cupcake looks good enough to eat. Really cute idea.

Anonymous said...

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