Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Happy Anniversary

Ger and Yuko
Happy 2nd Anniversary to Knitter's Night Out. Several years ago, after getting somewhat settled in Ireland, I began to look for something to do outside my house. I had become a self induced hermit. I was sure that knitting groups would be easy to find in a country steeped in wool and history of sweaters. WRONG!!! All the yarn shops were closing down and the knitting epidemic that I had left in the U.S. had not caught on. Great. What to do?? I'll start one. I need an outlet. So I came up with a name. Not my strong point. Found a venue and hung up flyers everywhere I could think of. It was a slow start, but we're still going and have 8-12 most nights. We all love the weekly meetups and love the girls involved. It's a little family of women with sharp pointed sticks. Beware!

Miriam and Lucy, up to no good!

As it happened, I was thanking Andy (lovely Coffee Shop manager) for being so accomidating and he said that he was giving a gift of the Strawberry Cheesecake to us. At 3.95 per slice that was quite a gift. I had talked with him the week before to arrange it. The cake, not the gift part. He is a delightful person. BIG THANKS to ANDY!!

Thanks to everyone who comes on Tuesday nights!!


Cheryl said...

Happy 2nd Anniversary to you and the girls!

Diane said...

Happy Anniversary!! Keep it going!!

Carol said...

Loved the pictures. Tell Miriam I said hello. Keep stitching and chatting.

tangelled angel said...

Wow, 2 years is a great achievement. Well done and Happy Anniversary!

Sharon in Ireland said...

That's great. Happy Anniversary!