Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Scotland - Day 5

Ok. This is it.

First stop. St. Mungo Church or Kirk.

There is a museum of Religious Artifacts and Life which was very interesting. Several Belief Systems were included that I didn't know much about. I always find it helpful to have a bit of background on beliefs when talking to people. The last thing you want to do is offend someone.

I did that one time. Killed a spider in front of a Buddhist friend. He was horrified! Sorry. Didn't know.

I found it amusing that St. Mungo was a stanch Christian and the J.K. Rowling name the witch and widard hospital St. Mungo in her books. Funny. To me at least.

This was a cool miniature map of the Kirk and surrounding areas. Love the copper patina that has built up over the years.

The Museum of Transportation. Since my father collects Petroliana (Gas Station stuff), we decided it would be a good one to go into.

Loved this motorcycle with double side car. I'd use this! Me and the Kiddies snug inside. Room for groceries in the back. Roy driving through the pounding rain. That's what I meant by I'd use that!

This one is for my sister in light of her recent purchase.

This is my ultimate car. I love the Citroen Dolly. I have to say, that if I could have any car in the world, it would be this. Don't ask me why, but I love it. It would have to be two tone though. If I could had any car in the world.

It faintly reminds me of my VW Bug that I had for 18 Years. First car after graduating for High School. I loved that car too.

The ultimate Petroliana Collectible. Might have been Dad's favorite bit in the museum.

Rows of trams. Really cool. Would have love to ride these instead of the Dublin Bus!

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