Sunday, July 06, 2008

Group Project

This project was done as a memorial to one of our members that passed away last year from Breast Cancer. Her husband donated all of the fibre and fabric to the Feltmakers Ireland Guild. We decided to do a piece to donate to the hospice that she was in for a time.

Feltmakers Ireland has done many group projects in it's time. Members also do them on their own with schools, hospitals, special needs facilities and others that request it. It really is enjoyable and each session is widely varied.

Dympna was an amazing felt maker, embroiderer, florist and many other creative elements. Plus her personality was sparkling. Humor was her constant companion. Lovely to know, for some, and lovely to get to know through this project.

As a group we met 3 times over the last 6 months and sorted through ideas for the project. Quite the task. 15 women, lots of ideas. We decided to have a design team to coordinate theme, size and style. Yikes!! There are so many directions that we could go.

On the last Saturday we met together, things really came together. We decided at one point to do 2 pieces. One for her family and a larger one for the hospice.

The black background is the larger piece by far. It's about the size of a tall door. 7 foot maybe.

This is the initial layout for the white one. Dypmna loved hearts and flowers. We'd made tons of pre felt pieces. These were all cut into hearts and the flower pre felts were used as is. There was still lots left over. We didn't start the white piece that day, but the black was nearly finished.

This is our last Wednesday session. I decided that it would be a great opportunity for some of the ladies that didn't participate in the other sessions to get an idea of what is involved in a group project. We ended up covering the entire surface with a fine web of silk.

It really brought the whole thing together.


Diane said...

absolutely lovely...the project and the group

Mary said...

What a beautiful project and a lovely way to remember someone.