Saturday, July 26, 2008

Feltmaking at the Zoo

Wow, it really hard for me to blog in chronological order these day. Before we went to Scotland, I did a feltmaking workshop at the zoo. The kids were at the zoo all week for camp. They did many activities and art projects. Thursday is felt this month.

Kids range in age groups of 5-7 and 9-13. We had 25 in the morning with the younger groups and 25 in the afternoon with the older. Quite a group. Eleanore and I wrangled those kids and taught them how to make a beautiful work of art.

We decided to use batts (large sheets of carded wool) as the base and let them decorated with wool yarn and pieces of pre-felted wool. The did great work and were very open to having clean hands. It is a great craft for kids to learn and easy to clean up with large groups.

I did a couple of samples for them to see the variety of what they could do if they wanted. I have to say, the boys are much better felt makers than the girls. More power and energy to burn makes good friction.

Back for more punishment next week!

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