Thursday, July 24, 2008

Anita Larkin Workshop

Anita Larkin is an amazing artist. She works in all mediums as a sculptor. What a treat to have her email us to see if we'd like to have a workshop while she and her husband were visiting Ireland.

We had never heard of her and were very curious. Imagine our surprise to find fantastic things made in felt! YES! Please come teach us.

She's lovely and so is her family. We met in the Dublin Botanical Gardens for lunch and had a great time getting to know her.

Fantastic neck pieces!

The technique is truly inspiring and the felt is amazingly dense without being really heavy.

Nothing like hers, but we started out with basics. Felt Balls - morphed into any shape you want.

Ropes - another amazingly fast technique for making ropes fast with all sorts of attachment applies in the process.

Wire in coils. How to make them so the wire doesn't come out the one end after the felting.

This is my wire coil. I decided I liked the lumpy bits in, so I stopped felting the centre and ended up with "The Small Intestine". It still needs shaped around the neck.

Felting around objects. I done this before, but the way she taught things really made sense. Wrap the object in bubble wrap, felt for a bit, cut a hole, remove the plastic and continue felting. It makes really hard, dense felt.

Really great workshop, excellent time with the ladies and a very inspiring tutor!

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