Saturday, April 07, 2007

Happy Easter

Today and yesterday have been busy with preparations for tomorrow. Our family tries to celebrate the meaning of this day in our everyday life, but it is a great reminder.
I've had a long life of seasonal celebrations and the children especially love getting involved with making egg and rabbit decor. I'm not sure how it all started with the relation of bunnies and eggs to Easter, but we love that part of it too.

I still remember as a child, the lovely Easter baskets that would magically appear in well hidden places when I was a small girl. The joy of the egg hunt that has been carried on for generations by my father and the memory of delicious coloured coconut rabbits that my Grammy brought especially for the 3 girls on Easter Sunday after church.
The first year that we were in Ireland at Easter time and the questions about egg hunts, dyeing eggs and making baskets began, I thought I'd try and be prepared. So off I went to the Supermarket to pick up goodies for the baskets... Where are all the jumbo bags of Easter candy?? Where are all the seasonal stuff that would stock up the baskets. All I found were HUGE chocolate eggs. Now I don't mind a bit of chocolate for the children, but these would take us 6 months to get though.
I had a very eye opening experience. REMEMBER!! I am not in the US. I do not have to succumb to the plastic, sugar coated, advertisement driven ideas of what Easter is. Huh? I guess I'll have to work on that. We did survive and the children didn't need counseling. I had a bit of withdrawal, but it is GOOD! It's an easy thing to get sucked into.
Next... Eggs! After searching for a week for white eggs, I had to call and friend and ask her "Where do you find white eggs for dyeing?" You don't she said! Huh? In the US most eggs are white, except for organic brown eggs and you have to pay more for them. How do you get pale pastel colours. You don't! I have learned to love dyeing brown eggs. The depth of colour is beautiful. Rich and lovely, so I learned to deal and love those eggs. Enough about my past.
Happy Easter everyone.


Ger said...

HAPPY EASTER HOLLY. Your plans already look great. Hope you have a lovely time.

Diane said...

Happy Easter, Holly...enjoy!!

Heidirific said...

You reminded me of my Easter last year! I looked all over for Easter basket stuff and egg dying kits. Do you make the dye yourself or have you found kits? I know my mom used to make the dye with vinegar and food coloring (I think) but I haven't learned how to do it "from scratch." I couldn't have the eggs this year anyway so we didn't even try dying eggs.

This year, I had my sister bring me Easter candy because I do quite enjoy the Starburst jelly beans and a few other things. My coworkers think it very strange that I didn't get any Easter eggs, though. Even stranger that I don't want one! A chocolate rabbit is a whole different story, though...