Friday, April 13, 2007

How Time Flies - Day 1 and 2 in Wales

Well, it's been several weeks since the IFA conference in Wales. We had an amazing time and were worn ragged. Up at 7 with workshops starting at 9 til 1. Bit of lunch, then back to felting from 1:30 til 6ish. We had 5 separate workshops over the 2.5 days and the AGM.

There were eight of us that came from Ireland to represent the Feltmakers Ireland Guild. Elizabeth, Cloudagh, Eleanor, Susan, Colleen, Kathrina, Sheila and myself. We secured our rooms, shopped a bit at the supermarket for supplies, unpacked our things, had a bit of dinner and headed over to the museum for a quick look at the Egyptian exhibit. Since it was an early start Thursday morning, we were all tired and got in bed. It would be the last of that until Sunday.
Egypt was the theme for the competition that was being sponsored by several wool and fibre vendors. The IFA group was aloud in after hours to draw and gain inspiration for the competition workshop.

Upon arriving Friday morning at the first workshop, we each got a goodie bag and were to use any or all of the contents for the competition. Each bag contained basic fibre in neutral colours, silks and coloured fibres that were selected along the theme. Can't say I was overly inspired and the workshop was the first one for me. Let's see, what to make?

I have no photo of the burial urn/water jug. Not organized enough, wasn't done enough and didn't like it enough for a photo. I was really just in it to meet and chat with the other felters. I did a lotus blossom and needle felted it onto the jug on Saturday night, due to the guilt that was felt by me to finish and submit something. OK, OK, so at 12:30 I was finishing it. Stuffed it with bubble wrap and put it on the radiator to dry.

Friday afternoon was an amazing workshop on Nuno Felting. May Jacobsen Hvistendahl does incredible nuno felt wearables. Using fibre in different directions, she taught us to make garments that would pull in and flare out in fantastic ways. It shrinks by 50% at least, but what a transformation in the last 5 minutes!!
This is the last few moments before it shrinks to the gorgeous, crinkle of nuno. The pattern, as you can tell is pretty block shaped, but by placing a thin layer of wool over the silk and roll it a bit, it really transforms. The sleeves and waist of the little dress are made by laying the wool fibre on the bias or diagonally to the rest. I'm raving, I know, but this woman's creations are breath taking and all in one piece!

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