Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Return of the Urn

Today, when I returned from the Supermarket, tea with friends and shopping for school picture outfits, I noticed a parcel on my desk. I don't remember ordering anything! I know I didn't. Trying to downsize, not add more. Opened it up and it was the urn/water jug from the IFA competition in Wales. Good, I'll use it tomorrow for the demo on 3D objects. Package seems a bit heavy for a bit of wool. Hey, there's a book in here. Did I volunteer to pass this on to someone? Can't remember, but I will. Little note inside says "You are one of the Winners."

HA!!! I wasn't even going to enter! Glad I did and I'm glad I didn't buy this book the last 2 times I looked at it! Now it's Mine!! I think I used most of the fibers that were given to us. The inside is lined with bright blue. Didn't like the colour, so I used it as a base. Used a resist for the basic shape then hand felted it to retain the shape. Got into a bit of trouble when the urn shrunk around the neck and I had to soap up my wrist well to get it out. Needle felted on the stripe and flower in the wee hours. Good thing I respond slightly to guilt or persuasion.


Teaandcakes said...

Well deserved too - the urn looks great.

Sara said...

Oh you lucky winner you!Thats twice you've won in the last while...maybe you are on a roll!

Ger said...

That looks like a lovely prize, Holly.Enjoy

Leigh said...

Congratulations! What a lovely prize and surprise.