Thursday, March 01, 2007

World Book Day

The children's school is very big on the arts and literature, as well as sports. Some time you find that it's all about sports and the other areas get left out. This year for Book Week, they brought in two illustrators and an author to draw with the kids and read them stories. Everyone was very excited and came home with signed books by the Celebrity of their choice. Our kids chose Korky Paul.

Winnie the Witch books are but a few of the many that are illustrated by him. Avery, 1st class or grade, had Korky in the room during Art and she was asked to come up and draw with him. She was thrilled. Korky is known for monsters and quirky characters, so that's what they drew. Not Avery's favourite subject, but when asked to draw, she will.

So the costume that she chose for school was Wilbur the cat from Winnie in Winter. Poor Wilbur is always getting stepped on, but never leaves the witches side. So, Avery the animal lover, wants to be the cat.

Happy World Book Day to one and all. Curl up with the book of your choice and read a bit. You could even wear a costume if the mood strikes!


teaandcakes said...

That's a great cat costume!
Sounds like a wonderful day at school. I'm jealous!

Grandma Schuler said...

Avery, you did a good job. I'm sure some day you will be a famous artist, if not knitter or sewer.

Love ya

Anonymous said...

Avery, your drawing in wonderful and you are the cutiest cat I've ever seen. See you in 3 months!!
Aunt Laurie