Sunday, March 04, 2007

Come and Go

Come -
I got a present yesterday! Cheryl was doing a bit of weaving and had posted about it. Ooh! I really like that. White mohair and a gold and army green slub yarn. I happen to have some of this yarn that came to my house in a yarn swap. Haven't done anything with it yet, but now I have something out of it. It goes perfectly with a coat that DH got me for Christmas.
Surprised was I, when she brought it out of the bag... for me!
Go -
About the same time, I was making a felt scarf for Cheryl, funny I think. It was wool she had picked up at the Knitting and Stitching Show in November. I had made her one for a birthday gift and she asked if I could do another for Christmas.
This is sort of how it went. H-"What do you want for Christmas?" C-"Maybe another felt scarf. I'll buy the wool and you lend the skill." Ok, let's get the wool now. Ok. It may have happened that way just in my mind, but it's a murky place and things get muddled. Sorry Cheryl if I'm fabricating. Anyway, Christmas came and went and in the process of cleaning I found a bag of wool and silk. Only a slight glaze of dust. Better get going on this. So I did.
Spread out the yoga mat on the kitchen floor. Avery spies something crafty and wants to join in. She loves to felt. It's the soap bubbles that she love. After the felting was done, the yoga mat, turned into the indoor ice skating rink. Bare feet and soapy water. She was having a great time, sliding up and down the mat. What was I thinking? No camera. I have worked with silk fibre before and love the element that it adds to the felt. The way it crinkles up at a different rate than the wool, pulling it into unusual puckers. Oliver Twist of England does gorgeous dyed fibres. I mean gorgeous. Roll Around In, kind of yummy. Your eyes just can't seem to take it all in. So I was pleased at her choice.

So as the scarf was preparing to Go to Cheryl, another was preparing to Come to my house. Same day, same exchange time. Thanks for the beautiful gift.


Cheryl said...

Well if the scarf was for Christmas, then you were very generous indeed, for I remember getting enough lovely auberine Kilcarra to be able to make my cabled vest (which is next on the to do list). Anyway, I'm thrilled with the outcome of the scarf exchange!

Leigh said...

As usual, you have some wonderful projects going on here. But I really like those two scarves!

tangelled angel said...

The scarf looks great Holly, lovely combination of colours and texture (from what i can see,without feeling it!) I'm sure that Cheryl loves it, and her scarf will look great on you too