Sunday, October 08, 2006

I Gotta Golden Ticket

Well, not exactly, but better I think. A little background would be good. I'm admittedly odd by world standards. I don't crave chocolate and I don't drink coffee. Believe me, I've tried. My sisters are not coffee drinkers either, so I fine with that. The chocolate thing, well, if it has nuts (salt) and Carmel then I'm tempted, but don't crave it. Oh yeah, it has to be dark, no milk chocolate for me. We have bars that sit in the cupboard for a year or more until I need room and then out it goes. Sick, I know. Popcorn, chips, garlic bread. I'm a big carb craver.
So a few years ago, we had some friends come visit from France. Guess what they brought as a thank you gift. Yes, chocolate! Several variations of lovely French chocolate. Among them were 2 bars of dark. Ok, I'll try. First bar was lovely, 70%+ coco, plain dark coco. Then next was very pretty from the outside. Nice packaging, but, coffee. Well, my taste buds must have had a laps, because this was the absolute BEST. Roasted bits of coffee beans with dark bitter goodness. I have a Winner!! So now, when we have visitors from France, or coming through France or are French, or just like French things, I put in my request. Noir Cafe. Yumm. Well guess who just went to France?? I know, you'll never guess. No, not me, I'm going in November. (guess what's on the list) My friend Sharon of Clickety Knits had a holiday with her husband and so I said, "If you're near a supermarket, could you pick something up for me???" Ever seen Shrek 2. Imagine the cat eyes. Yeah, that was me. Guess what I got yesterday!!!! No, I haven't opened it yet and it would have been awful on the Smores. Thank you so, so much Sharon. You're the best!!

Another addition to the knitting books came from my husband. He was just back in the US for a wedding and he had a small list. Things that are hard to find or really expensive here. Among them was this. I've knit the mittens from this. Well written and easy, with a great look too. Here's the thing. I generally like to look inside before to see if it's worth the money in actual patterns I would knit and is it worth the space of another hardbound book. Never got the chance. No bookstore in Dublin has this. Couldn't find it in Birmingham either, but I must say, there are many things from this book that will be made after Christmas stuff is done. Getting close by the way.

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Stephanie said...

lol - mmm dark chocolate - and I just got that book too :) I'm loving some of the patterns inside!