Saturday, October 07, 2006

His and Her Camping

Well the boys finally got a weekend this autumn, that is not to cold, to rainy, to busy or to anything else. They've planned a camping trip. Son is thrilled. They've picked a spot, packed the car. The thing is, that like having an infant child, you pack the same amount of gear for one night as you would for 6 nights. The only exception would be the quantity of food. They're off.
Daughter Avery is very disappointed. Really. She loves to get out and camp, as I do, but this was the boys weekend. So.... Mamma (that's me) decides we will camp too. Yes, the tent is inside. Our birds get up early and they're loud!! During the summer it starts at 4:00 am. I'm not willing to risk it. So we're set up and ready. Picnic dinner, movie and for dessert....

Smores. Not American type, since the marshmallows are different and there's no gram crackers (Hovis like) but, we did our best.

So here's the differences for us this evening:

Boys / Girls

Tent / Tent
Outside / Inside
Cold / Warm
Sleeping mats / Air Mattresses
Sleeping bags / Goose Down Duvets
Bushes / Toilets
Sponge bath / Bubbles Baths
Nature / Comfort
Camp Fire / Central Heat and Stove

Ok. I'll stop there, because I really do enjoy camping and being outside, but tonight I'm really enjoying the comforts of my own home and a girls night with Avery.


tangelled angel said...

Hey, smores look like my Top Hats, except upside down (and with sprinkles)
Can't beat them.
Especially in a tent.
Must try that now.....

Sandra said...

Your camping trip is adorable; you're a GREAT Mom!


P.S. Leslie has been ill but Fiber Femmes should be on line by tomorrow.