Friday, September 22, 2006

Show - Part 2

We made it to the show on Saturday around 11:00am. I could feel my heart racing. The unknown awaited. Would I find what was on my list? Would I stray before then? Could I control my compulsion for colour, wool, thread, buttons, dye and everything else. Would we be able to see it all? The answer is YES to most. It was a shoppers paradise. Small crowds and lots to see. Taking two workshops today so that will impede the shopping. Will have to be organized. I will succeed!!

This is the community haul after the first day. Not to bad for 5 Knitting Fanatics. Could have been a lot worse. Still one day to go.

This is my haul. Not much I know, but I got what I needed and a few other things. First was the Brown Sheep yarn that I needed to complete a Christmas gift. I was getting very edgy about this as there are next to no vendors or stores in the UK that sell it. I did find one.!I now love this place. Get Knitted had the worsted weight and in the two colours I needed. I was ecstatic!! Now I'm well on my way to finishing. Also bought buttons for another gift, a bit of roving from the International Feltmakers and the Rowan 40 and the Country Escape.

Ended off the day with a yummy dinner of Italian food. Pizza for me and the starter of tomato, mozzarella and basil. Lemon Sorbet for desert with dark chocolate straw and shavings. What a day!!

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