Thursday, September 21, 2006

Birmingham Knitting and Stitching Show - Part 1

I've gone through a wormhole for a moment. I have a few pics to share. Be prepared there will be more.

We had a fantastic weekend. Sara, Isobel, Sharon, Cheryl and myself left Friday for a fibre filled weekend. We arrived mid afternoon and were treated to a lecture tour of the city by our taxi driver. Making several references to the abundance of night life for us to enjoy. We got to the hotel and promptly asked for a room in the back. Top floor. One room was brisk and the other a sauna. So much so that it had to be traded in for another room on a different floor. The sacrifice was made. Cooler room, hall way that smelled of dirty sweat socks. At least you could close the door.

We were very close to the canals and restaurants, so the options for food was plenty. The first night was Japanese. Anyone in the US been to BeniHana?? Cook the food in front of you? That was us. Plenty of metal banging metal causing banging heads. Food was great. I loved mine. So did everyone else.

Saturday morning we decided to go into the city to Selfrige's for a look around. Cool store. There was a miniature American section in the food section on the lower level. Jelly Belly World, Double Stuff Oreo, Aunt Jemima Pancake Mix and Syrup, Marshmallow Fluff and our children's all time favourite is Lucy Charms. £6.99 if you can't read the price. At current exchange price that's about $12.00 a box. I bought 2. How many times do you get a sugary cereal and ripped off at the same time??? Not really. The husband was relieved.

This is the outside of the store. I think it's really cool looking, but most City Dweller's say it looks like hubcaps. Entirely possible.

P.S. - Our cook at the Japanese Restaurant was entertaining, yes, but the mole/fu-man-chu was on the verge of a health hazard, but you just can't keep your eyes off it. The hairs, which looked as though they were waxed together, must have been at least 2 inches long. Unbelievable... I was sure he should have had a chin net for that thing, hygiene and all. Couldn't let that pass..

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