Saturday, September 09, 2006

One of These things is not Like the Other

I've started a little project. Felting a piece. Not making felt. Did that with the roving, but knitting and "Fulling." I'm picking colors I have and that I like. Bought some Brown Sheep Bulky last summer in the US. Started with that. It really doesn't go very far up to Holly's Yarn Emporium (Rubbermaid containers upstairs) and find another set of colours that are very similar. A good mix of Manos (old), Manos (new), something Icelandic (old) and Cascade (new). It's kinda like the wedding thing. Something old, something new... blah, blah, blah and but nothing blue. Yeah, that's how it goes.

If my memory serves me right, which it often doesn't, seems to me that the old (more than 15 yrs.) Manos tends to fade in the felting process. Better do a test run. What do you think??

They all shrank equally. Yeah! I still like the effect a lot, but something is different.


Isobel said...

Ohhh, great colours. What are you going to make out of them?

Cheryl said...

Very cool colourway. So.....what's different?

Holly said...

The red is now a lovely melon colour. Severe fade. Can't say yet what it will be, but I'll show it when it's done.

Stephanie said...

lol - reds in general have serious issues with color fastness. It's something I regularly lament because I'm dying (ha ha) to make a deep garnet hued yarn color, but am having no luck at all. at least not yet.

Btw, I did the soap trick, attempted in my washer - but apparently the soap I used was super foamy as shortly after agitation started, I had foam *everywhere*. Thank goodness I checked and fished em out!


Can't wait to see the felted project done!