Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Warm and Wooly, Cute Too!

This was made for my lovely sisters birthday in October. It was a special year for her, but you'd never guess it by her outlook on life and the way she lives it. Newlywed to a wonderful man, marathon, triathlon, teacher of special needs children plus a whole host of other wonderful things. So, not being sure, I made 2 things and let her choose. This hat and a nuno scarf, which I will post soon. Then, sent pictures and asked her to act surprised when it arrived.

The hat is made from short carded merino wool from Filzrausch in Germany, silk fibre and a scarf procured from the local thrift store. Cut into squares. It was made with a resist and then pinched and tucked on a hat block and left to dry overnight.

This one was made shortly after the first. I'd posted a picture for a hat workshop that I was running, so being without the sample, I did another in a different colour and shape for the element on top/side. It was fun to try plaid with strips of scrim (cotton gauze), silk lap, and short merino as well. It grades from dark purple to a raspberry on the other side.

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