Saturday, November 05, 2011


It's time for the annual Knitting and Stitching Show at the RDS Convention Centre. This year, Feltmakers Ireland is teaching Fabulous Felt Brooches at the Learning Curve "mini workshop"
The instructors have 1 hour to teach mostly new felt makers the skills and technique of making textile from wool fibre and fabric. These are a some of the samples that I did in preparation.

We're using a new type of wool this year. A very short merino fibre. Carded, not combed. It felts very quickly and super smooth. They will be able to do some stitching on theirs if they want to.

This one will be stitched along the "S" curve in the middle.

This one is nearly done. I prefer the cheesecloth or scrim fabric to most others. The texture is very cool.

This one has a little pocket in the top, made from an oval foam resist. Needs a bit of stitching as well. Fun stuff.
On with the show!! November 10-13.


Pam de Groot said...

very special. these look fun

FeltersJourney said...

I love these... That will be a brilliant workshop! Lovely for a new felter to walk away after an hour workshop with their own tiny masterpiece

Shelley Whiting said...

These brooches are very fun and beautiful. I love how multicolor they are.