Saturday, September 08, 2007

On the Way to the Airport

This is more of a catch up since I've really been doing no knitting to speak of, over the past several weeks. I'm still unpacking and trying to remember were I've stashed things. Anyway, I started this bag before we went to the US and I took it along to find lining for it.

Success!! And I don't think it could have been closer unless I dyed it myself. Not really, I'm not that good. Lucky is more like it. As we were rushed for time near the end of our visit I had to prioritize. Crafting took a back seat because family always wins out. So, the nearly complete bag was finished in the van on the 3 hour trip to Chicago.

It's a basic 2 x 2 rib with Colinette Point Five and Ribbon that is fairly close in colour. I only had 2 100 grm balls so it needed to be a mini project. It has a 2" cuff around the top and an I-cord for the strap. The colours are amazing in this yarn. Olives, celery, mauve, plum, mustard and oysters. Sounds like a good meal. Really deep and rich.

I also found it hard to get a good shot of it. I found that I couldn't really have the driver hold it up cruzing down the Dan Ryan Express way. No go. Safety first. So we have a lovely shot of the gray seat and what's that? Oh a bag dangeling down below.

The next is one on my lap. Also not a great shot, but I had hoped to get the texture and colours in there. Hard telling.

All finished up with an hour to spare and an outside pocket to stash the scissors and needles in. I have another couple of balls that I may do something a little different.

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< jordan > said...

that's beautiful holly... i am always impressed :] i hope you are all doing well... love you!