Monday, July 23, 2007

On The Road

Well posting in very hard these days. Between traveling, unpacking, getting settled temporarely, you all know how it goes. Knitting is still going on. Pressie 3 is done. Will post pics as soon as it's blocked.

First pic is knitting in the car on the beginning of a 14 hour trip to Maryland, near Washington DC to visit friends. Below is the growing Chicken Nugget by the pool. Quite the vacation spot. Overlooking the Chesapeake Bay. The kids had an amazing time in the pool every day as I hid from the heat. So much for a good tan. I've really gotten accustomed to cool weather, even sunny cool weather.

This is the second shawl I've done. Two different patterns. This one came from a link off of Isobel's blog. I'm using the Tangerine Mohair from Blackberry Ridge. I got 5 balls last May for a sweater, but decided it might be a bit much. So it's evolved into shawls and wraps.

The first one was a present to DD's teacher this year. She's a doll. Both of the kids had her and she's wonderful, so it went to her with much appreciation. It was such a quick turnover, that there wasn't time for photos and DH had the camera in the US.

We're now in Pennsylvania. As we sit at a coffee shop, DH and I are hacking away on our computers, coffee and beverages in hand and the children reading their newly acquired books. Fluffy animal books and Captain Underpants for the other. The lengths we go to for a little wifi. It must be done! We're off to Hershey Park tomorrow. A veritable Chocolate village and theme park!!

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