Monday, July 23, 2007

No New Hobbies!!

That what I told myself when I started doing a bit of beading on my felt. I don't have time or enough creative juice to do another hobby. Well, as it happens, I've been making a bit of jewelry. It's fast and very rewarding. As I said before, Crafting stuff in plentiful and cheap in the US, so I've been making a few pieces to go with things for much less than I could buy them. Also, they will appear under the Christmas tree at my parents this year for some of those that have been good. I'm not great by any means, but I have a friend who makes awsome jewelry. She came over to give me a little lesson and a few tips. Really fun.


Leigh said...

Lovely! And even if you don't have another hobby, jewelry is always fun to make.

Mary said...

These peices look great Holly, is there no end to your talents. Hope you are enjoying your holiday. We miss you over here in Ireland.