Monday, July 30, 2007

Green Acres

We've just returned from 2 weeks on the East coast. Pennsylvania, Maryland, DC and a few others that we drove through. We stayed for a bit with DH's sister and husband. They live in a lovely area in South-Central PA. Mountains, valleys, rivers and the best coffee roaster in the US! (according to DH) Sounds rough doesn't it! Anyway, they have a farmette. Mini farm. Although I think it takes just as much work as a larger farm.

There are cattle, cats, dog, barns, tractors, fields of green stuff. Alfalfa I think, but not sure. Oh, the country life. The kids couldn't have been more content. Running outside to bottle feed the calves, tease the cats with straw and just living the life we don't have on a regular basis.

I love fresh produce. It's amazing the difference in taste. Right out of the fields. This is one of the produce stands that is near their house. Has anyone ever seen purple cauliflower? The pic isn't great, but the colour is amazing. I would be interested in what it does when you cook it! Great stuff. Beautiful stand. Owned, run and grown by the Mennonite family that lives there.


Sara said...

Sounds idyllic. Im sure you availed of all the fresh produce while you could! Would be nice to have such "just picked" freshness near us eh?

Lien said...

Corn on the cob! Oh, how I miss it. I know you can get it here, and every once in a while, The Limey picks up a plastic wrapped two-pack of shucked ears (that whole phrase is just wrong wrong wrong) and tries to tempt me, but it's like, €2.50! And I keep trying to tell him it's supposed to be 10 for a dollar, or two bucks a dozen.