Thursday, January 11, 2007

Sublime Knitting

Nearly done with the Knitting projects from the Sublime wool, cashmere, silk I got in Birmingham in September. I'm sticking to the rule of finishing off as much yarn as possible too. I'm a little afraid of the reports coming in on this wool from friends that have knit with it. It does split easily.

I knit the hat in Portugal and had a ball and a half left. So instead of putting it in the storage box, I though I'd knit a scarf. This is the knit 2 together, yarn over pattern that I did the coil yarn from. I got it off of Isobel's blog.

The Sunflower Tam came from Knitting Nature, which I really like. The fit is interesting. Not a beret at all. Longish from the rib up and very flat on top. Kind of a big pillbox hat. I had to move it around until I liked the placement on my head.

Quite a few patterns to use on my stash. I think the Aqua Cheviot is next on the list. I've even found the pattern.


tangelled angel said...

LOVE that sunflower pattern! looks really cool. That book has so much inspiration in it. Must- buy-it

Diane said...

what a great set! can't wait to see the hat in person

Leigh said...

I love the tam. It's a beauty.