Sunday, January 07, 2007

I Can Weave

While we were in Portugal. Avery and I signed up for a basket making class. I wasn't sure how the 7 year old would do, but she's pretty crafty. Little did I know how she would take to it. With very little assistance. She observed and followed. Periodically she would need me to hold onto something because her hands weren't big enough. I was very impressed.

I had forgotten that I really enjoy basket making. My Mother use to do it years ago and my friend Patti also used to do basket making, so I do have a little experience, but it's been years. I also forgot how much your fingers hurt from pinching and pushing the reed around, but the results in a few short hours are great.

So, I discovered that I can weave, although I am not a weaver. I like making baskets, but I will not become a basket maker. My daughter on the other hand may!


Diane said...

You can use these baskets to show off your yarn stash...

Leigh said...

What lovely little baskets. Funny, basket making is something I have never hankered to try. I agree with Diane, they would be fabulous to show off yarns. Or hold one of those small and portable projects.