Wednesday, January 17, 2007

In a Funk

I'm sure most of you know what I'm talking about. Not that I don't have a list of things I'd love to do or make, I just can't get motivated to do anything. It seemed to happen just after the Christmas knitting was done. 10 days in Portugal, with a suitcase full of wool, needles and patterns and all I came away with was a hat. Cute! Yes! But a, count them, one hat. Since then, I've started the aqua yarn several times. Finished the back and am now reknitting the back on smaller needles.
I've seen several felted bags that I love, but how many bags does one girl and her family need? I still need to finish a few sewing projects and start a few more, but again...

1. A Coat to hem since last spring.
2. Several skirts and trousers to get started on.
3. Felt Jewelry to make for next months Felters Guild.
4. Fleeces to card and spin before the moths get to them.
5. Etsy shop to load pictures and descriptions onto.

So, I'm in a funk that I hope doesn't last long. I'll get to a point of just tossing it all. Until then.... Blogging may be slim.

Happy Trails


Cheryl said...

Wait...did you say Etsy shop? Hey, come on now. Gotta give some more details than just dangling that little juicy tidbit out there!!!

tangelled angel said...

You know, this seems to be a common problem all around blog world, everyone seems to be feeling this way, with the exception of a few of course. I'm at the stage where I have things I need to finish but am not that fussed on them at the moment so they are going away for a rest, but I have soooo many things I want to cast on for that I am getting all flustered!
So today I sat down and made a list, and it involved what the item was, who was it for (mainly me!) and start dates, if I had yarn for it etc etc. Hopefully it may keep me on track. Now to go and look thoguh the new simply kntting mag which came in my door and see if there's anything else I should add to the list!

Sharon in Ireland said...

You should come to the southern hemisphere - I feel totally the opposite at the moment! LOL - I'll give up on the getting you to NZ shortly but it amuses me - sad I know. I have quite the list of stuff to get going on and have 3 different projects OTN since Jan. Meant to ask u before, could you recommend a good knitting felted accessories/bags book? Maybe you could send me a mail when you get the chance. Thanks.

Diane said...

wait a minute.... Etsy shop????

Leigh said...

It's post holiday blues and hopefully will pass soon. What do you have going on at Etsy?