Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fruity Pebbles

A total US breakfast cereal. Sugar coated lumps of processed flour, dyed with technicolor foodstuffs. Yum! Tied into the Flinstone's, Fred and Barnie gobbled it down by the barrel full. Every kid (most) loved it's sugary goodness, so to speak.

Hand dyed boucle that I picked up last time we were in the US. Really pretty. Only took 100 grams to make a good size shawl. Stocking stitch with an increase on both side of the right side rows. Garter stitch on the outside 3 stitches. US size 15 needles. Picot edge to finish it off.

I could say it was a quick knit, but I've been working on it for several months. Pick it up, knit a couple rows, put it away for a few weeks, pick it up again. Felt making, that's my excuse!

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Mary said...

Love the shawl Holly, looks yummy and the colours are fantastic.