Friday, September 26, 2008

Before and After

Summer 07' we were in the states on holiday. We picked up a lot of stuff along the way that are scarce or really expensive in Ireland. Joann Fabrics has an amazing sale table. Bolts of silk crepe for $4.00 a yard. So what do you do? Buy it all!! Came home with Teal, Aqua, Purple, Hot Pink and the lovely Beige. Feltmakers always need silk for Nuno felt.

Kidding on the Beige. It reminds me of my first real pantyhose that I got when I was in Jr. High School. I was a real grown up. Suntan pantyhose. Ok, Nobody has a suntan that colour. But, in the case of silk, you can dye it!

Broke out the Food colouring. Cochineal, drop of Red and a bit of Blue. It's actually a deeper shade than the photo, but it's really pretty. I may overdye it again in blue. The Wensleydale roving or top felted in beautifully and really crinkles up. I didn't shrink in the length, so it about 2 yards long. Looking forward to a little cooler weather to wear it around my neck.

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Mary said...

Another beautiful piece of art - so talented.