Monday, August 25, 2008

They Grow So Fast

I had the best intentions. I even made them on time. I just thought we'd get together before he outgrew them. Didn't happen!! Schedules, new baby, family, distance. There was even an occasion where I could have, but something else was scheduled that day. Schedules, new baby, family.... They really are pretty. Varigated browns and rust with silk that I mixed over the top. Shame.

Anyway, these are the Toddler Boots that were made to replace the Newborn Boots. They may be primary school boots, but at least he hasn't grown out of them yet. Yes, they have been passed to Sharon and son.

They're felted from Blue Faced Leicester fibre that I dyed in several shades of blues, aqua and green. The little tie is a colour called Petrol and the blanket stitch was a multi coloured floss in drab greens and blues. Really works well with the boots.

Hope they keep him warm this winter.

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