Monday, October 03, 2011

And Then There Was None

I'm not a great sock knitter. I've made 2 pair in my lifetime. They take a long time. Last December, I found a beautiful sock yarn from Araucania Yarns. Grays, lavenders, chartreuse and mossy greens. Maybe I will. So I started the hunt for a lace knee sock pattern. What was I thinking?? Not sure, but on Ravelry I found a lovely pair by Nancy Bush in the Folk Socks book. Highland Schottische Kilt Hose. They're amazing. So I got the book off Ebay or Amazon for next to nothing and started to knit.

Nearly a year later, I'm down to the ankle on both. Just getting ready for the heal. I've been trying them on all along to make sure they fit. They're snuggish. Maybe a little to snug after I wash them...

This is the unstretched lace leg.

I only did one repeat on the cuff, afraid that I wouldn't have enough yarn. I have plenty now that I'm down to the ankle.

And this is what I have now. I made the decision to unravel them both, knit them on a larger circular needle and include the second round for the fold down cuff. Maybe next winter. Although I haven't given up and put them away for another time, which is what I normally do.


jordy wong loi sing said...

i hope to see the progress when i visit next month!! they sound lovely!

a simple yarn said...

I have that book and love that sock pattern! It's certainly on my list to knit. Can't wait to see yours when they're done.

Pam de Groot said...

I have been knitting my mum a pair for coming up to the second christmas. Only one sock to show for it. You are doing very well.
I have been reminiscing over my trip and remembering some wonderful times. Thanks