Sunday, July 03, 2011

Man vs. Beast

Ok, after you say "Ahhh, isn't she cute!!" Yes, she is and we love her, but...

She's a weed whacker that has good taste. Our lovely little bunny has a fancy hutch, with a fancier run, built for her by Bob the Builder aka Roy. It's spectacular. Plenty of space, grass, ramp for the in and out activities. Guilt overruns us as we see her staring into the windows as we stare back out at her. She must want to run, we say. Let's let her out.

She loves to run. So much, that she's excivated at track of sorts behind every bush and plant in the garden/yard. We love watching her take off at super rabbit speed and race around in circles until she's so tired, she drops to the ground in exhaustion.

Part of the track making involves chewing down and through anything that might touch her during her sprints. Anything. As much as I try to plant towards the grass, she seems to enlarge her running lane.

Our lovely leeks that were just planted.
We had 3 casualties today.

Our lovely peas that are bearing fruit or is it veg, have lost loved ones.

Not visible at the first glance, but look beyond and you will discover...

So, gardening with a free range rabbit has it's issues, but we just plant extra. Life with "The Rabbit" is fun and keeps us on the run as well. We love our little beast!

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