Monday, November 02, 2009

Doud's Orchard

The Roann Covered bridge. It was a bit shaky. The field trip, not the bridge. Kole came home from school on Tuesday with a 102 degree temp. We were planning on traveling to Chicago the next morning for Fall break. Nope! Poor guy, but within 24 hours, the fever was gone an the son was ravenous. Ok, we'll go on a short trip to the orchard and pick pumpkins too.

I'd been to Doud's orchard the previous week with my friend Calla. She's an amazing cook and is very self sustaining when it comes to seasonal food, so we bought apples. I bought 1 small bag of beautiful Honey Crisp apples. They're similar to the Asian Pears. Juicy, crisp, sweet and a little grainy like pears are. Yum! Calla bought bags for sauce, pies, deserts and all sorts of things. I had the bug.

Just because it's so beautiful. Here is one of the trees across the lane from our apartment.

This is our haul. U-Pick pumpkins were 3 for $10. Good deal, plus I had to have my white pumpkin. They're like aliens, very cool and the insides are pale green. With every $12 you spend you get 1/2 a Peck of apples free. Ok, I can't pass up free food and still having most of the delicious apples at home from 4 days ago, I think I may be crazy.

This is inside. They have dozens of varieties that they grow and sort on the premises. Plus little knives around that you can taste the apples before buying. I also bought beautiful apple blossom honey that is produced there as well.

Here are some of the aliens. I bought the one in the center. It's very pretty. I wonder how it will taste when I roast it tomorrow?? We did end up going to Chicago later that day.


Anonymous said...

oh h, its great to hear from you. your life looks so good over there. love and hugs to everyone. everything is fine here apart from the terrible rain and cold now. rory is missing roy he has abandoned wexford since the cold wheather came in. talk soon d

Mary said...

Looks like a good Trip Holly, hope you are settling back in the States. Miss you at knitting night,

Anonymous said...

he knows now!!! i hope all is well with you and yours, love dee and a very clean rory

jaboopee said...

really great to hear from you, your all the way over in a mer a kay now.....awww... , its really interesting to see how life is for you over there...i'll be checking back for more........