Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day or Keebler Factory?

We love baking at our house. Allergies and waistlines prevent us from doing more, but when holidays come... We must bake.
Avery wanted to make up cookies for Valentines Day for her class mates. Might as well do both classes while we're at it. So 2 batches later we have dozens of cookies. DD thought we might ice and decorated each one.
This was Wednesday night. Thursday schedule was jammed with Mom's craft morning at school, Feltmaking with 2nd Class in the afternoon and Family Fun Night to follow. Hardly had time to make dinner and swallow it.

So when time it short, production mode commences. Put the children to work. Decorated 60+ cookies in one shot. 3 colours of icing, bags and tips and off we go.

I think they turned out well and the children seemed to enjoy them. Have a great day whatever you're doing.


Nicola said...

Wow, production line is right, the cookies look yummy!!

littlebit said...

Excellent result with the cookees. I also love the fact that you turned your two children into factory workers. Good for them really when you think about it.

Perhaps you could make some extra income with hired child labour...there is a rescession on after all.

queenie said...

What a great idea! The Jason Pollocks of cookie decorating. I love the random lines on each cookie. I defy you to have done something so cool on each cookie on a stand-alone basis. . . . It's the having been created next to one another - and kind of part of one another - that makes each one so uniquely unique [giggle - to redundate myself. . .]

Sort of like how we are with all the other people all around us.

lucy said...

hi holly just to let you know i finally got my blog i mentioned your frlt making skills and your blog. have a look d