Monday, November 24, 2008

Craft Show

Tribal Nuno Scarf.

For the past month or so, I've been getting ready for a craft show at the kids school. It's on Sunday the 30th. This week is photographing and pricing things.

This scarf is wool/silk with silk strands running in a trellis pattern across the front. I dyed the fibre and silk.

Silk ponge with a window pane of wool/silk. Whisper thin.

Mad Retro plaid print silk from the 60's found in a vintage fabric shop in NY years ago. It's a large wrap with orange wool panels to create a nuno felt effect.

Hand dyed silk ponge, wool and silk scarf in rust, plum and sand.

Aqua - SOLD
Floral Broaches.

Hand dyed wool/silk fibre with silk crepe strips are made into a sheer cobweb scarf.

More fibre that I dyed with a blossom edge.

Bangles galore!

Aqua/Brown - SOLD

Pink/Brown - SOLD

Pink/Green - SOLD
Now the key is selling them! Should be fun and they're really lovely


Cheryl said...

Okay, either you haven't blogged in a while or you've been busy, busy, busy in creating all that lovely stuff!

Nicola Brown said...

Holly, that tribal nuno scarf is FABULOUS! Hope the craft show goes well.

Red Fish Circle said...

Wow, love that retro orange plaid! All gorgeous!