Sunday, October 26, 2008

Halloween at School

It's that time of year again. Costumes R' Us.
Time for the costume making to overtake the kitchen table. Several sewing machines, fabric, paint and total mayhem.

This year, after stories of long lost Halloween's of my childhood, the milk carton costume took hold of my son. So, here he is. Mad Cow Milk.

He was well loved by all the children in the yard and became the human bowling pin as the younger children trying to knock him over. No damage, but he was very disappointed that kids would try and ruin his costume after so much hard work. No noticeable damage thankfully as we still have another day to conquer before the recycling bin swallows it up.
Recyclable costume. Got to love that!

Avery decided to be the Japanese Geisha. After a redo of an adult bathrobe and a slim skirt, she was ready. There was no interest in having any makeup on, but somehow that morning I managed to convince her that it would look great and not itch.
Have to say, Utube has great videos of how to do Geisha hair and makeup.

We're all set for later this week.

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