Saturday, June 16, 2007

If The World Was Flat

If the world was flat I'd have an excuse for not blogging. It not, so I'll blame it on Eircom. Two days before we moved, DH called to get our new phone number and get our broadband reasigned to the new house. OK, they said. You will have 3-4 more days before we disconnect you line. OK, we said and before DH got off the phone, our internet was snapped off!! Wait!! Call back!! I'm not ready to be without it! I still have a few very important things to do and emails to send!! So he calls back. I'm sorry (sure) but once we've switched off your internet, we can't turn it back on. It will be 7-10 days before your new internet is in place, provided we don't get to busy. Thanks! GGGGRRR!!!!
So two weeks later, we find that we have finally got internet. After searching far and wide for wifi or an internet cafe to check our mail. Now I'm happy, although the digital camera has left for the USA on Thursday, so no pictures at the moment. May try to see if I can get our cast off one to work. The kids take some interesting pictures with it.

Thanks so much for all the nice comments on the house. We're getting unpacked a little at a time and the crafty room I'm sharing with the crafty daughter is starting to take shape. It's great to see her little face across the room creating away. She loves it, although she did fall down the stairs today in her slippery socks. I'm sure she'll have a few bruises tomorrow, but it could have been worse.

Now it we could get the cable sorted out!


Ger said...

Great stuff at last! Cable hopefully to follow.

Sara said...

Ive seen that crafty room and ooh am I jealous!!
Strange that eircom were efficient enough to cut off your internet so soon. Very strange, maybe they had a newbie started work that day.....