Tuesday, May 22, 2007

What to Do While We Wait

This is one of the projects from the Dyeing Day. Brown and White Jacobs fleece, spun and dyed with Lemon-Lime Kool Aid. I think it looks kind of like spinach. Not the good kind, but the soggy stuff we use to get frozen as kids.
Despite the memories, I really like the effect. So while I'd rather be sewing (packed) or starting a new knitting project (packed) I decided to do what was available. Instead of pacing the floor, checking to see if the mobile phone is charged up, looking at the mess that now is the state of my home, I'll card one of the fleeces that is in the garage.

It's very clean. Not much veg in it and cards up beautifully. Pretty nice for 5 euro each or $7.50. Fleeces can be purchase really cheap in Ireland if you know the right farmer or friend of farmer.
I'm in the queue or line for a Wensleydale lamb fleece (free) from a lovely lady in the Felter's Guild. She has a small flock that she keeps to maintain the land around her house. She generously offered one to me, despite my attempts to buy one. Just need a few days without rain so they can dry out. Yippee!!


Carol said...

Is that a Wallace & Gromett fleece by any chance?

Mary said...

Hi Holly, lovely stuff. My sister had a Jacob sheep living in the field next door to her house. It was quite amusing. It was in a field full of sheep of the white variety but because it had been hand reared by children who liked crisps, any time you went to the gate and said "Daphne" and rustled a packet of crisps it was the only sheep who ran aross the field to you. It was quite amazing. Needless to say I do not eat lamb as I always think of "Daphne".